Brian & Stephanine Robnett – Wheelersburg, Ohio Men


Hi our names are Brian and Stephanie Robnett! We are happily married! We own our own business … Robnett fire and security and picturesque by Steph! Like us on Facebook!!!! We use to attend church and pretend to be nice wonderful family. We are arrogant snobs who looked down our noses at everyone! I had been a minister for many years. My wife was a Sunday school teacher! We taught morals to your children and others. We had the “perfect life “. || But we had a dirty little secret. A few in fact. I had my eye on a younger pretty girl in my church. She had a bad reputation anyway. Shouldn’t be hard. No one will find out anyway right? Who cares about her family or my own! I’ll preach on Sunday and fuck her on Monday! I want it so I’ll take it. So I did. But that wasn’t good enough. I want more. I’ll tell my wife I want them both. My wife won’t mind. She’s let me f*ck other women before! Hell she even joins in the fun! I won’t mention I fucked her already. Our little secret. The other chick is stupid. I’ll tell her I liked doing her so much that if we let my wife in on it we can do it more. Everyone knows her husband are always on the rocks. || She’s just begging for attention. Whore. So now I have what I want. My wife knows about my girl friend! That’s easy. We all hang out in bed together! Some big fucked up mess right! So much fun … Oh wait . I’m starting to have feelings for the other girl . I’m falling in love with her. She will leave her husband for me. I’m sure of it … We fell in love and planned a family. My wife can’t give me a child but she can. It’s falling apart. I told my wife I loved the other girl …but she’s not ready to leave her husband. Choices choices. I’ll stay with the wife. It’s easier this way. Of course my wife is pissed I lied and hid my feelings about the other girl but we will fix it. My wife is a vindictive bitch … Laid in bed with the other girl. Allowed someone else in our bed and home but she got burnt. How did my wife get even you may ask? || She will go and tell the other girls husband and family we cheated. My wife won’t mention the part where she laid in bed with us. No my wife will play innocent, hurt victim. She’s got this. Who cares we ruined another family. They’re divorced now. Screw them and the their kids. My family’s together and we kept it all hush hush who’s next? Who wants to come be our special “friends”? Husbands beware!

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