Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez – Hudson, Florida Florida


So this filthy pig Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez separated from her BF. She was having a rough time cried the boohoos needed help with her daughter — having a sitter and saving money for her own car. I allowed her in my home thinking she was a friend… Mind you I just had a baby girl who was less than a month old with my boyfriend. || Well this tramp was sucking and sleeping with my man the entire time, when I found out Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez was gone. My boyfriend wanted to work it out, we did while they continued to see each other. One day my boyfriend kissed me and the kids good bye to go to work and never came back home. Come to find it was because of Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez. So there’s family #1… || My EX was staying with his best friend and his ole lady. He went out of state for work and asked his friends if this home wrecker Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez could stay with them and make sure she was protected (she needed protecting believe that) of course being friends they agreed. So her and her toddler daughter moved in with his friends… WELLLL Bri decided she no lomger was interested in my EX. || So while she was staying with his friends again the agreement was to help her save money get her own place since her and him were no lomger together welll again she wanted his best friend who has a girlfriend of 5 years with kids. She slept with her then new best friends bf/his best friend. And then went after his other friend who had 9 years under the belt with his ole lady with kids also… || She will sleep with anything that will let her, she has no remorse or care that she has broken 3 families up. Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez will tell you she cooks, cleans, and is a great mom. She will suck your mans penis in the car while going to the store. She will sleep with your man in your own home where you raise your kids. She will send nude selfies to your man, she will find a way to try to use her high traffic vagina to win your man over. Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez is the biggest home wrecker you will ever come across.

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