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I used this company to purchase my ball gown for our military ball and for my bridal gown for our wedding. I asked numerous times if they would have enough time to complete these gowns by Nov. 15th and was assured it was no problem. In e-mails etc. it looked like they were from New Jersey. Well after the order was placed and I was tracking the package, I found out they are actually from China. The gowns arrived in time BUT they were a disaster! The ball gown was 5 inches too short and bridal gown was NOT as pictured. The bridal gown was to have a creamy tan applique and tiny pearl buttons spaced tightly against one another down the back. The bridal gown I received had a antique, nicotine yellow applique and large white cloth buttons spaced an inch apart down the back. Additionally it was of VERY ppor quality with off centered strap, an off center zipper, uneven and jagged hem and did not lay at all like it was pictured to do. I immediately phoned the company who offered to remake the gowns and I explained that this was clearly NOT an option because of the time line that they were well aware of. I was told to return them and they would give me a full refund of the dresses and the return shipping. Before doing so I took pictures of the gowns and have saved all e-mails. Once they received the gowns they kept telling me to wait 3-5 business days for refund through PayPal. Well I opened a dispute with PayPal and kept trying to contact the company myself as well all the while. Well Bridalblvd has said they can make new gowns which I obviously no longer need or I could receive NOTHING because they were custom measurements which is BULL because the dresses were wrong on their part not mine. One was not to measurements and the other was not at all as pictured as well as poor quality! PayPal will not help because it was a purchase outside of eBay and I am trying to get my bank to help. SO I got screwed by this company AND PayPal. So now we are out the cost of these botched gowns, plus the replacement gowns. Not to mention the stress it has caused for everyone in the midst of a military ball and our wedding and ALL right before Christmas!!! I weep when I look at our beautiful little 3-year-old boy as this has impacted our Christmas spending and never should have. My financial institution originally told me to work with PayPal and since that did not work I reopened a dispute with my financial institution and the advocate on the phone made notes of the fact that PayPal will not help so we’ll see if I get help now. So upset!!! Tried saving money with a wedding that was bumped up due to my medical condition and now matters are worse. So I guess my husband and others fight for a country that has companies like PayPal that allows this to happen huh?

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