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On April 4, 2014, I received an email from them stating that I was approved for an 8,000 loan. I contacted the customer service listed on the email, David Salman. He explained the approval process and since I was high risk I need to pay a three months deposit ($574). I looked over the contract and everything seemed okay. I signed and emailed it to him. I asked David Salman tons of questions regarding the payment information and the veracity of the information he provided to me. I was still uneasy with the idea that I had to western union the security deposit, but he assured me that when it was received- the loan proceeds would be wired to my account. On April 8, 2014, a western union money was made for $574 plus $55 fee. He called within a few minutes to changed the receiver’s name because instead of waiting for 4 hours it will be two hours. I followed the directions. Six hours later, I still didn’t see the deposit. I called David Salman back, he said I need to talk to the customer service manager at ext. 105 to go over the paperwork. I called and a Kevin answerd. He told me that I was high risk and that I needed insurance so I need to wire an additional $750 even though it was supposed to be $1500, they “cut a deal”” for me. I explained to him that I do not have an additional $750 and in the numerous conversations that I had with David

not once did he mentioned the insurance. Seeing I had already invested this much time and money into it

I came up with the $750 for insurance plus $65 for the wiring fee. It seemed that they waited til I wired the money and then mention the insurance. Mr. Kevin

in his obnoxious

condescending tone

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