Brigid Kelly Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma


My husband and I have been married for 15 years. Together for 19, almost 20. We have 3 children, 2 daughters and our son.My husband and I had been having issues but what caught my attention was last year around our anniversary he started acting different. He wasn’t calling me as much throughout the day as he has always done our entire relationship. I jokingly asked what he was going to get me for our anniversary and he completely blew me off. Normally he would cut a joke right back. The day of our anniversary I looked at his cell phone. I’ve known this woman and I’ve known her phone number because he used to WORK for her. I saw the texts where she said her son would be spending the night at his friends and that she would love to see”her sweet love” later that night. It was our ANNIVERSARY. I confronted him and of course he tried denying it at first. Then it was they crossed the line and it would never happen again, he promised to fix this. I cried and asked why? Of all the people why her? Oh did I mention she lives across the street? Pretty convenient huh? Yes. So I text her and told her I knew and to cease all contact with my husband. He asked for forgiveness and I said no more, never again. I would forgive him this time but if I find out anything else I’m filing for divorce. I went to the Dr to get tested for everything. I was diagnosed with trichimonis. I told him with disgust and he apologized once again, we were treated and went on. || A few months pass and his behavior is still off. So I do some more investigating and find out it’s still happening. I confronted them both this time. She informed me that they are in love and they’re going to be together. He says different and sends hee back across the street crying. She had insisted before it was nothing more than a friendship/employer/employee relationship after that but he was STILL acting distant towards me. He would miss calls and texts etc. Needless to say this has gone on for around a year now and she calls my phone and harasses me, I’ve changed my number but I end up texting or calling her in bouts of anger when I can’t get in touch with him. (Breaking point) I filed for divorce. He came into the court room late I could see that he was obviously upset and crying. He sat in the court room the entire time crying. He has said he doesn’t want to lose me numerous times and this time he was done. He was not willing to lose me so he wants to drop the divorce and work on us. || Mothers day weekend we were watching movies and his phone went off (I’m laying in his lap so I saw it was her) I asked why is she texting? Why in Gods nsme are you STILL communicating with her!!!??? I text her and asked her to please stop texting my husband. She calls my phone and starts cussing and ranting saying how he sneaks to her every night and I’m living in a fantasy world thinking he loves me or wants to be with me. Our sex life has not changed. Not ever. That’s one thing I thought I had to do was my best to satisfy him to keep him home! So I took my rings off and said go marry her. I’m done. I will not lose another wink of sleep. I will not shed another tear. I have tried so hard for so long I feel like I’ve sacrificed every ounce of dignity I had! He put my rings back on and he had the”deer in headlights look” and said it’s not true she’s lying, I love you, I love our family. I said call her right now or better yet lets go over there and you tell her she’s a liar to her face but he refused. I told him to get out. He’s been asking what will it take to make me believe that we are going to make it through this and he has stopped. I just say nothing. I can’t believe anything that you say and half of what you do. Now it’s still I want us, I want our marriage, it’s over, do you want to talk to her as proof? No. She’s as big of a liar as he is. She’s 51 years old. My husband is 46 and I am 38. I’ve been with this man since I was 19 years old. We have raised one daughter and now our middle daughter will be 17 on Sunday and our son is 13. Our soon to be 17 yr old has autism. I struggle every day to try to hold my family together. My kids have seen and heard too much. They don’t understand what has happened to their father. They don’t know who this man has become and neither do I. || Brigid has no remorse. She uses my illnesses against me (I have lupus, RA, fibromyalgia and my spine is severely degenerated. I still maintain a clean home, take care of our kids and yes even him. I don’t understand what she has over him? I don’t understand where her self respect is? This woman has no shame. She even threatened to call the police on our oldest daughter (19) for calling her a dirty whore. She just taunts me and my children. I have played nice and the well behaved wife for too long! I want everyone to know this piece of trash has no class, no self respect and is awfully desperate! She will not win this. He will not leave me. If we are ever going to be over, it will be me the one leaving. Why don’t these sluts realize that? The single picture is her. The side by side is me and her. No comparison in my eyes.Not being conceited but uhh I just don’t see it. Lol.

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