British Airways Princeton New Jersey Review


We bought 2 airline round trip tickets two month ago to Frankfurt, Germany from British Airways via an on-line agency. It was a 1 stop flight both ways. The itinerary was New York u2013 London u2013 Frankfurt and back Frankfurt u2013 London u2013 New York. By the date of the flight we decided to change our plans and just stay in London eliminating Frankfurt. So we did. The problem occurred on the way back when we showed up at the London airport and learned that all our remaining tickets were canceled. We asked the British airways representatives to help us get back home but they refused to reinstate our tickets saying there was nothing they could do for us. Since we did not continue our trip they invalidated all our remaining tickets. We had no idea such thing could happen since we paid for all the tickets in advance. In other words they stole our money and caused us a significunt financial damage. We had to buy two new full price one way tickets from another carrier to get back home.

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