Brittany Boyd Texas Texas


I was completely caught off guard. My husband of 15yrs was cheating on me with this whore at his job. Not giving him a free pass or anything but she admitted that she had pursued him. The day after they exchanged numbers she sends him naked photos followed by a video of her playing with herself. She knew that he was married and didn’t care. I was so hurt by this that it took me months to collect myself. || ((REWIND))-So the night before I found out about the affair an overwhelming feeling came over me and I was so weak that I had to sit down and collect myself. It was as if I knew that he was cheating before knowing the details. So a few hours later I went to pick him up from work and my first question once he got in the car was, Are You Having and Affair? Don’t ask me why, it just came out… he got all mad and said why would I say that and blah blah blah… ((THE NEXT DAY)) Easter Sunday! We get all dressed up because its also his brothers wedding day. Me, Him, and our 4 kids. Were all dressed alike, smiling like a happy family. I found out about this affair after returning home. He left his phone on the counter and went outside.. all of a sudden I hear this weird ringtone. I go to see who it is and she hung up. As I’m walking away she calls back so I answered and she hung up. So I called the number back not even realizing that her number was saved as Britt. I was so enraged that I could have bent a steel pipe with my bare hands. I must called her 20 times before he came back into the house. I was screaming like a crazy person, WHO IS BRITTANY, WHO IS SHE??? He just stood there in silence, then he says, A FRIEND, A COWORKER, you’re going to embarrass me at my job… I freakin lost it at that point. He knew I was about to get beside myself so he runs out of the room. Meanwhile she calls back, she says that she was returning his call. So apparently he had called her from the wedding. I was boiling by then. This bitch said that she knew he was married and that he told her that he just wanted to have fun and that he said that he’d never leave home. I said so you were ok with that?  I didn’t find the video and photos until the next day. It was as if everything was revealed to me by some higher power. || She had no remorse she didn’t even apologize for hurting me and ruining my family. She kept playing on my phone and stalking me because she was hurt that he stopped talking to her at work. She acted as if she was the wife and had betrayed by me. My husband is to blame as well. But as woman we hold the keys to a lot of this behavior. Men will only do what we allow. I has been 2yrs and I’m so over it but I had to expose this Trashy Bitch and I hope she gets her KARMA.

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