Brittany Cavin – The True Homewrecker Wyoming


Brittany had her first child in 2013 with a super nice, caring and overall decent guy. What she did to that family and another is disgraceful to say the least. She became friends with this lady at the preschool she worked at in Dickinson ND. After attending a few late night late bonfires with coworkers and such, she got to know the husband of said co worker. He shows her one little ounce of attention (which she didn’t go without attention at home). Well, those two were seen together immediately after Brittany leaves her mans work (visited the bar he worked I think). They were seen being all friendly in public. Yes, with her daughter there. Daughter was 2-2 1/2 at the time. The person who seen them kept watching knowing something wasn’t right. It wasn’t. Brittany’s man confronts her about it and she lies. Says must have been a guy parked next to her or something. He leaves it at that. Until she slips. Then it’s just the coworkers husband. Then why lie. Right there he knew something wasn’t right. Couple weeks go bye and Brittany decides to create some bullsh1t story to her coworkers and she’s able to stay at the one gals house. Yes, the one with the husband. Well, they end up getting so serious that the couple gets divorced. Brittany breaks her own little family up. With ZERO regard to her own child. To this day Brittany faces the ex wife and acts like nothing happened. No biggie. I’m surprised the wife don’t knive her in the stank vagina of hers. Brittany has done this several times in the last 6-7 years. She was engaged when she hooked up with her baby’s daddy. Two weeks before her wedding she bangs him. She was engaged to the baby’s daddy as well. Broke his relationship up as well. She is from Washington Iowa. So who knows her track record there. She pulled this bullsh1t in Dickinson ND. Against court papers she moved herself, child and next poor victim to Buffalo WY so ladies. Threaten her stupid a55 if she comes close to your men. I know her daughter does not need to see this vicious cycle she does. Poor thing. She’s 5 1/2 now so she’s smart and sees things. I absolutely despise people like her.

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