Brittany Hyde – Swansboro, North Carolina North Carolina


So first off no I didn’t sleep with this woman Rozana Cozine… She has been at my job barely 2 months and started lies and rumors on several employees and tried to sleep with a manager that has a girl and kids. She talks to so many guys at once while living with her parents in a trailer with 2 babies and she didn’t graduate high school and just trying to trap a man dumb enough to knock her up again… she will contact your wife or gf and say she’s with you, even if you aren’t, to try to get you to date her… 2 men I know said no to her but she won’t stop the drama. Stay as far away as you can because even saying hello to her is enough to make her come after you. I think the girl needs mental help but idk she has already made 3 people quit their jobs with her lies and her contacting their family’s on facebook lying and starting drama… I do know her ex though and he said she is really crazy and a pathological liar that gets off on fucking with peoples minds, lives, families, and job. So world you have been warned. And again no I did not date this girl she tried like hell and drove me nuts so I quit my job to get away from her!!!

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