Brittany Vyas – Dixon, Illinois Illinois


This is 21 year old Brittany Vyas who sleeps around with married men in Dixon, Illinois. Me and my husband have been together for 10 years married for 2 1/2 years. We have two beautiful daughters together. Back in June 2015 he got in some trouble and had to do a intensive outpatient rehab program. I stuck by him threw everything cause we’ve never had a break up and have had 10 very happy years together. I was also the only women he has ever (not now) slept with. So he starts this program and starts hanging out with some people I didn’t really accept. Most everyone is the program is a addict. || So he starts hanging out with this guy and they both are hanging out with Brittany all the time. In the meantime he’s telling me that she’s hooking up with his friend. We then start fighting cause he’s hiding text messages from her, deleting call history, hanging out with her everyday and lying about where he is at untill 2-3am. So then we start fighting over this dumb hoe and he changed his Facebook password and put a lock on his phone but is still claiming they are just friends. Then I find out i was pregnant with twins and lost them both so I had yo have a d/c. The night before my surgery which was at 10am my husband goes to an AA meeting then says he will be home. 11:30Pm rolls around no sign of him, not answering the phone not answering texts. So I keep calling him till about 2am. Still no answer but he texts me saying he’s at his cousins watching hulu. About 30 minute a later his dumb ass pocket dials me and I hear her slut ass in the back round. The next day he didn’t come to my surgery and while I’m recovering is telling me he is changing the locks and moving this whore in. Little did he know I called the cops and explained the situation and I had the right to be in my home. That night I come home from a very stressful surgery and he stays at his moms. His mom comes home at 7am and catches these two fucking. That dumb bitch knew the whole time that I was having surgery that day. My husband even brought her over to my house to talk to me the day I found out I had lost them cause he needed a friend and he was trying to push me to be friends with her. Now that my husband realized she was using him cause she’s a homeless slut, with no job, no car, not a cent to her name and will open her legs to men or women that she can use. He left her and wants subfamily back.. She’s a drug addict that doesn’t have custody of her kid. She’s a miserable slut and wants to ruin everyone’s happiness. Have fun with the girl your with for now that your using. Hopefully she’ll see right threw your fake slut ass!

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