Broadway Toyota


Broadway Toyota Nate Patton Kris Noneman Liars and scammers portland Oregon!!. went in to Broadway Toyota to purchase a new truck after being at several other dealers we did not need to drive the truck since we already have driven a new one from another dealer. made the deal and asked a bunch of questions and we got a bunch of lies starting with the salesmen Kris noneman to the scammer there Nate patton.. we even offered to purchase another vehicle from them and they said there was nothing they could do for us.. Unless we wanted to trade in the truck as used with 60 miles on it, I might add we called The credit company that nate claims the deal has already been funded and the truck was now used, what a bunch a crap and lies these guys spew is truly a joke… 1.. lied about the truck being funded in 1 day really nate ? when i called them they didnt know anything about it! 2.. said truck had huge tow rating at 6500 pounds 3.. claims the VVTI needs to break in so the gas milage goes up (wow) Thats a good one i must try and remember that! 4.. claims truck is now used since it has 60 miles on it ( Hey Nate they put more miles on transport to dealer trade then that cant you come up with any better lies then that? 5. Bottom line people DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR OR TRUCK FROM THESE CROOKS!

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