Bronwyn Brayfield Columbia, Missouri Missouri


This bitch started f**king my boyfriend well over a year into our relationship. I had left the state for the summer, she started working with boyfriend, and I guess it was just meant to happen. I, of course, had no idea. He would come visit me throughout the summer and never once was it brought up. It got to the point where he was telling her that he loved her. || I returned in the fall, and this bitch had the nerve to get to know me. Become my friend. I would confide in this bitch, while she was trying to get my boyfriend to break up with me. For some reason he wouldnít do that, but he continued to sleep with her. || They took a trip to Chicago, one that I could not go with. I was busy trying to graduate. I can only assume what happened. Finally someone messaged me on Facebook and let me know what was going on. I didnít want to believe it, but the more I watched them the more I knew it was true. At the beginning of this summer I broke up with him, decided I didnít want to be cheated on anymore. He finally came clean about it, the stranger on Facebook was completely right. I am better than him, and her, so I donít care if they start seeing each other. I know she isnít the only one. Just the only one Iím completely sure of.

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