Brookdale Senior Living in Hemet


I applied for a position online at Brookdale Senior Living in Hemet, Ca as a care coordinator. I received a call from the hiring manager Karen Roper, a week later claiming she wanted to interview me for a care-giver position instead of care-coordinator. That was not a big deal but I was bothered as to why she would change the position I wanted orginally. I called her back and her secretary sent me to her voicemail. I left a message saying I was interested in the position. She never return my call. I called again and was sent to her voicemail, I left a message saying I was interested in interviewing with her, no call return. A day went by and I called again, her secretary sounded agitated that I had called again. I began to feel as though she wanted to know who I was through voicemail to deteremine my race so she would not hire. Who does that? She should have followed through. She is a racist because I have called back missed potential interviews and received a voice message when to come in. Karen Roper is unethical and needs training on diversity. She needs to be stopped!! Thank you for allowing me to tell my story. Yaffa Hemet, Ca

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