Bro’s Automotive Detailing


Bro’s Automotive Detailing Fat Boy, Doughnut, Burrito, They call him a lot of different names but the main one hes goes by is Horrible Detailer, Not A Man Of His Word, He Steal Car Parts Of Client Cars, And Launders Money Los Angeles California!!. He is a crook plain and simple and a man who doesnt know what it means to be a man. He will brown nose everyone with money so he can wash their cars becuase that his passion in life. He constalty talks about how much he loves being a car was expert and how hes the best car washer alive. The man eats, breaths, and sleeps dreaming of waxing the next car. On top of that he steal car parts off your car and puts them on other peoples cars. He is a compulsive liar who is constanlty eating on the job. It like all he likes to do is get his burrito all over your car. The man is always eating a burrito while washing cars and I think its unproffesional. He also has thing for little girls, which I find disgusting. He is always talking about some 11 year old girl he thinks is hot or even worse. He even told me one time he likes little boys under 8 because he likes their gentials small just his own. The man is clearly sick in the head and loves to GIVE HIS WORD, but hes not man so HIS WORD is just to get your money or jack you. If you want to have a man who is eating while washing your car and talks about little boys and girls and his sick fantasies contact Miguel

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