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I hired Brothers EZ Moving to move my household from Florida to New York state. It was far and above the absolute WORST moving experience I had. | Most of my belonging were already wrapped in paper and plastic, and were in storage. The men who showed up, 2 didn’t know what they were doing. None of my furniture was wrapped in blankets. Because of this, several expensive pieces suffered gouges and rubs, because there were no blankets to cushion during the move. One expensive chair was just jammed into the truck, with no protection. It suffered a gouge. | I paid for Brothers to do the unpacking at arrival. They only sent one of their employees in the U-Haul truck. They hired from a local company, who were only hired for 2 hours. Two hours is not enough time to unload a whole house! Things were put all over the house, boxes in the wrong place, furniture was just stacked up. | The guys from the other company had to leave after the 2 hours. The Brothers employee had to leave to make a flight back to Florida. So, the company did not do the unpacking as per the agreement. I paid $300 for 3 men to do the unpacking. They would only credit me $189 after I got on the phone that day, and their employee got on the phone. I specially requested this service, because I am disabled and on crutches. | Look at the fine print (I didn’t). You must report damages the SAME DAY AS THE MOVE. Very convenient, eh? How was I to report damages, when their guys was rushed, wanting to get out of there. It wasn’t until much later I found damage on my furniture. Most reputable companies give more than a day for you to identify and report damages. | I was left with a mess. Furniture was stacked all over, my bed was not put together, my table and other items were not assembled. had to hire a local mover to come and help me put things together, move furniture to the right rooms, and shift boxes. | DO NOT HIRE THEM for long-distance move. If you do, make sure they 1) send people who know how to wrap furniture with blankets for long-distance travel 2) make sure to make their employee(s) stay until you go over every piece, open every box — so you can report and make a damage claim. | I do not recommend them.

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