Brothers Food Mart Complaint


Brothers food mart has many mexicans and illegal workers working for them! they work 20-30 hours of overtime but get paid straight pay! they only pay below min. wage and do so at all 23 locations. they make millions of dollars but will only hire muslims and mexicans! they are racest and should be shut down for illegal tax acts and illegal workers!! they also buy illegal cigs with out stamps!! thats totally illegal! they are ### and should be shut down, i have a over 100 signatures for banning the expansion of any more stores!! keep the money in new orleans instead of letting mexicans send money back to their country! the owners should have their millions taken away and the mexicans should be deported and the moey should be paid to the irs. they fired me over one year ago, but i can’t keep my mouth closed! they are gready, and should be deported!! also, the chicken sometimes is dropped on ground and cooked anyway, ask anyone there!! also, some stores sell drugs!! just ask for bridge city or stone bridge!! i can’t even stress enough how cheap these people are. they deserve to loose every store and loose their cars.

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