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We called Brothers because the originally installed the evaporative cooler. It is a breezeair unit. Well built no problem with the cooler. The pump was not working so we had them come out to investigate. They charge $79 just to show up. SUre enough the pump was bad. He came in with a price of $423 to replace the pump. To high in my opinion. The pump only costs $69 my cost online. Since my aging mom dint flinch at that he said and your water pads are in bad shape they need replaced. He said they are really expensive. He came back with a cost of $1000 for the pads. Mom again didnt flinch. In the first place according to the owners manual they are lifetime pads that never need replaced. I checked the pads before he came they were dirty but still holding together now worries. The Breeze air lifetime pads sell online for $89. The tech was gone and paid before I got back to the house so I could not tell him what I found out and what I thought. My mom didnt care her air was on again that is all fine. The Tech was a nice guy except he lied about everything except the pump being bad. He told my mom that of course you can buy an evap cooler at home depot for 4 or $500 but that is just for the shell then you have to buy a fan a motor and a pump. LIE He said the pads are really expensive $1000 Big LIE! | My initial thought were to call a lawyer and tech the a*****e a lesson about lying and gouging the elderlyTHen I thought why spend more money for something that is probably a waste of time. I would not recommend Brothers to change the hoses on a washing machine. They massively Overcharge they lie to customers to help their cause. | The work was fine the total job cost should have come in around $600 which means they over charged about $1172 | They may come back an rebut this with a bunch more lies though dont believe them. Their unit is good but last no longer than any other their. I contacted them and the guy me a speal about how the original unit ran 17 years without a problem except the float valve it should be worth $1672 dollars if we get another 17 years. I told him first off the pads are lifetime never need replaced according to the manufacturers manual. Second the pads only cost $89 the same pads from the same manufacture. I told him also OK share your info and receipt where you bought the pads and I will compare prices. Never heard back from him. | If a tree falls in the forest and no one see’s or hears no worries. I saw and I told him Karma can be a very mean b***h sometimes. If he rebuts dont believe a word he says cause we already know he lies for money.

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