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Browns Auto Ripped me off for over $500.00 Phoenix Arizona!!. Ken from Browns auto was supposed to replace the rack and pinion in our car. We Paid them $540.00 in cash. He will only accept cash and had a hard time getting a receipt from him. After he was supposed to have fixed it we took it home, still had the same problem. We took it back and repeated this 2 more times. At one point we took it to another mechanic and found that he did not replace the rack and pinion. He did nothing. He refused our phone calls requesting him to do the work. I left countless messages and finally he started text messaging but gave reasons as to why he could not fix the car. He was sick, his friend was sick, his friend was out of town and so on. We finally took the car somewhere else after 3 weeks. Don’t use this company if you want your car fixed.

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