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Mr. Bruce Goldberg, operates an individual, unincorporated business with the assumed name u201cFlighthunter Travelu201d via the internet from Lewisville, Texas according to Court Documents in Lewisville, Texas. Mr. Goldberg oddly, uses a variety of websites and aliases to operate this business. These include:,,,,,, These were only the website handles that I found through a google search of his contact information after I found it odd that in his November 15, 2017 e-mail Mr. Goldberg stated he owned 19 differently named websites that preformed the same function. It is my feeling that honest business people would not need to utilize so many aliases if they operated business honestly and ethically. Mr. Goldberg calls himself an u201cair miles broker.u201d This means that Mr. Goldberg purchases frequent flyer miles from individuals. He then uses these miles to purchase an airline ticket or upgrade for one of his clients. This practice is in violation of the terms and conditions of airline frequent flyer programs. Mr. Goldberg is operating a scam. As I have come to learn, Mr. Goldberg purchases miles from a consumer. He then sells those miles to a client for a profit. After the first transaction from the consumer, he continues to inquire in the future whether that consumer has miles. Once he finds out that the consumer does have miles, he demands unlimited access to the consumeru2019s account by arguing that future new miles are now part of the original transaction. If the consumer contests this claim, he threatens the consumer with a PayPal dispute process, where he states that PayPal will always rule in his favor. In doing so, he tries to strong arm the consumer. He also will scream and threat you both in email and on the phone. Therefore, the consumer is pressured to feel powerless and give Mr. Goldberg unlimited access their frequent flyer account to avoid any trouble. If Mr. Goldberg succeeds at this step he can continue to sell the consumeru2019s miles well into the future for a profit. If the consumer refuses, Mr. Goldberg then files a dispute with Paypal to recouple the funds invested in his scam from his original transaction. Hence, perpetuating his scam. He did this to me, I have reported him to the authorties. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!!

2409 Windsor Castle Way Lewisville, Texas United States


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