Brun Way Operations Inc.


Consumer received a letter from "Brun Way Operations Inc." of Chicago Illinios. (Illinois mis-spelled). Letter informed consumer that he was one of the winners of the "Supermarket Sweepstakes Raffle Draw." Consumer’s raffle ticket with serial number PWG 61938 is one of 6 winning tickets and his share would be $9800,000. Included in the envelope was a check for $4890.12 to be used toward payment of the processing fee/clearance fee of $4500.00. Consumer was instructed to contact the prize claim manager, William Goodmann, 1-210-787-1840 or 1-252-616-8768. The letter was signed by Marvin Baumann (Promotions Manager). Also noted on the letter: phone number 1-778-714-6010; Illinios office: 68 North Lake Shore Drive, Claim number P.H.M.343.  Envelope postmarked San Francisco, CA.

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