Bryant Toatley Review


Bryant Toatley presented himself as a trusworthy home impovement specialist. He first completed work on my bathroom renovation which was well done. I was please and paid him in full for this project. Next he offered to help with some upgrades in my kitchen and asked for upfront funding to purchase material and cover some labor as he was financially in a bind. Against my better judgement i concured and gave Mr. Toatley $1,400, I have not seen or heard from him since and all of my calls went unreturned. His phone is now disconnected. He basically stole my money and disappeared, his con is he’s sick and needs to keep working to support his treatments and kids. The tile company we delt with says they spoke with him a few times which make me wonder why he couldnt return my calls. He’s a theif, should you come into contact with him for home improvement, I would suggest you look for someone else to do your work.


Name: Bryant Toatley

Country: United States

State: Maryland

City: Fort Washington


Phone: 202-439-9350


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