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I believe BSI, and/or Christopher Bradley, are guilty of Unlawful Foreclosure, and violations of Lending Laws, causing me to lose my home. I received a notice of default in September, 2016, where I called and talked to someone who stated that he would begin a home modification. I gave him my information and He said he’d give me a call when everything was finalized. I waited for weeks with no reply. I called again, where this time I spoke to Christopher Bradley. I feel it was right here, when i made my mistake. I told Christopher that I couldn’t remember the name of the guy that i had talked to before. I said I know I should’ve, but i didn’t write his name down. I told him I was really bad with stuff like that. taking notes, saving receipts. I don’t keep good record at all. No receipts, No notes ever. He said really? You don’t have any kind of receipts or paper trail of any payments? I said no. He then said that the person I had spoke to before was Ted, but that Ted, no longer worked there. He said that he would be taking over my case. | He proceeded to tell me they haven’t received a payment in the entire time they had my loan, over 2 years ago. I told him there had to be some of mistake. He said that ever since they got my loan from Bank of America there hasn’t been one payment from me. I told him the address to where I send my payments to. He stated that this was and incorrect address. I told him that was impossible, as I get this address from the statement they send me. I said I’d email him a copy of the printed address. He just ignored my request. He seemed to totally ignore everything I was saying to him, and my issue with a wrong address. He just said I owed $18,000 because they haven’t received one single payment in over 2 years of them servicing my loan. I was shocked and Confused I told him if anything I missed one or two payment throughout my almost 10 years of having this loan. I explained that these were not 2 missed payments in a row they were spread out and even with those payments I called Bank of America and work something out with them. I would never just not pay. | This is where he asked me if I had receipts for these payments. I said like i said earlier, I don’t keep good records. But I’m sure I have some receipts. I told him I had received $3,600 in payments that they had sent back to me , which I still have. I asked him if there was any other payments that they might have returned. He said they don’t keep records like that. I insisted that the address I have is correct. I told him I needed to know where my payments have been going to. He completely disregarded that question and went on to a home modification or refinance program. With the timeline I was facing I decided to try his offer of modification and and thought that we would figure out the address situation or they will realize their mistake during this process. So I gave him all the information for the modification where I waited and waited and again, no one called back. I mailed a QWR, which was never answered. | I continued to call and leave messages and he finally called back a week before the auction was set, where he said I was denied because I didn’t make enough money. I asked him if i could add my adult children’s income as they lived in the home with me. He said yes, he would try that. He emailed me the paper work (RMA) I filled out these documents adding my daughters income and emailed them back to Christopher the very next day and again I waited and waited and still no call back. I called left him leaving messages. Finally he called the day before the auction was set and said that I was denied because it wasn’t enough time. I did every thing he told me to do. The house went up for auction and sold without ever resolving to where my payments have been going or without getting any real help from this service lender. I understand my fault in not saving my receipts but this situation was never addressed. Never resolved. I believe the way BSI and/or Christopher Bradley handled this foreclosure was wrong. And the time line they gave me where most of the time i waited on a call back was done fraudulently and purposely for them to take my home. | I believe a lawsuit should be filed against the Lenders, Investors, Servicers, Trustees, and any other pertinent parties based on illegal acts that have been committed. These might include Fraud, Dual tracking, Negligence, Breach of Contract, Unlawful Foreclosure, violations of Lending Laws, or any other acts of malfeasance causing myself or anyone to lose their home I believe that these unscrupulous lending practices should have consequences.

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