Buca Di Beppo Review


As a server who works at this Buca inside the Excalibur, I thought I was in a really great job. The money is really good for some of the servers, because they know tricks on how to make extra money but that is just a rip off of the stupid company. The real scam from what I know is, when you order a speciality drink thats super expensive and has a bunch of expensive alcohol in it? You are really getting the cheap s*** that the rude and slow a** bartender makes it with. They will say that those a******* wont know any better or wont say anything. And at this buca di beppo, a bunch of people get married here and have banquets at the restaurant. Why get married here at Excalibur when it’s nasty and then eat a bunch of spaghetti and whatever food for a ton of money? But you can order a bar package which cost a certain amount per person. So when they order a jack and coke, they get some cheap whiskey and pepsi, and same with the vodka, if you order an absolute and cranberry you get something that looks like rubbing alcohol and cranberry. And wine? Whatever red you order you get the cheap house. Merlot, cab, Zin, is all the same crap. White is the same story. Chardonay Pinot Grigio Sauv blanc etc will be the cheap white house wine. Some guy who was fired has all the bartenders statements as to the liquor part. He posted it somewhere and they fired him illegally or something, but the banquets, i have seen myself. Being new, I still have been part of a few of these things. No integrity in this place. And it’s more expensive than any other buca probably in the whole company. .

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