Buckeye Restoration


Buckeye Restoration Nate Miller, John Miller, Thoroughbred International Immoral, illegal business practices; lying, cheating and blatent theft from customers. Canfield Ohio!!. 2 Companies, same people, one roof, two products, all bad. Buckeye Automotive Restoration – double and triple charge for automotive work, multiple lawsuits, (They coated a car in silicone so it could never be painted and then urinated on it before sending it back to one plaintiff) Exceptionally expensive (up to $225k for a Mustang restoration.) because they lose parts and have to redo work all the time and bill for that. Avoid going here for anything. Thoroughbred International – make reproduction bodyshells for old Mustangs and Broncos. Broncos are sold by Dennis Carpenter. They are put together by high school kids, paid minimum wage, using used equipment and parts from Taiwan. Junk. Spend a bit more on a completed car and avoid trying to rebuild a wreck using these messed up second rate bodies.

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