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This man was my landlord. Jim Bucknell. He is also a lawyer, a crappy lawyer at that. While living in his rental property for a year and a half we have had our basement flooded with sewage at least 30 times. When you call him for help he is never available nor does he ever call you back. Our furnace broke and rang our energy bill up to 600 bucks a month for 3 months, numerous calls went unanswered then finally he shows up and throws a screw in it thinking that will fix it for good. Within days it was dead again, no blower so the heat was trapped in the basement and the thermostat wasn’t getting that heat so it kept kicking on over and over again. The roof in my sons bedroom collapsed beside his crib i am LUCKY he wasn’t in the crib at the time or he would have been seriously injured maybe even killed. and that took him a month if not more to come and fix.. we had a HOLE In our roof.. our child could not sleep in his bed. The worst yet of his neglect as a landlord would be the week we had a terrible storm and the tree in front (which was 99 years old so that should say how LARGE this tree was) had been struck and split down the center. We had the power company come and they determined the tree was going to fall on the house it was not safe to stay there. 3 days worth of calls to my landlord and two trips to his house to find out he was “out of town” and wouldn’t be back for another 3 days to even look at the tree. Needless to say we spent 6 days in a hotel that we could NOT afford. He finally shows up and gets someone to cut the tree down after nearly a full week of waiting. Then he hounds us for our rent as if i was gonna pay it after he made me put out half the rent money in hotel bills. Then we sign a second year lease at his request. 5 months into the lease he calls to ask me if the house was ok, which it was. He tells me “i’m gonna come do routine maintenance in a few days are you gonna be there? if not ill let myself in and lock up when i leave”.. He shows up a few days later WITH AN ENTIRE FAMILY OF STRANGERS!!!.. These people walked all over my house without my consent.. Then as he’s leaving he says ” you have 30 days to find a new place, i just sold the house to these people”.. But continues to say ” You have been great tenants i will give you a glowing reference”.. WHAT THE HELL?? When it comes to my deposit? He keeps 200 (which is illegal in michigan and he knows this since he’s a lawyer). Then turns around and charges me 400 more dollars for cleaning the house (which was already spotless) and trips to the gas station and store with his car to purchase things for the house (which was now owned by someone else). Trys to charge me for 28 hours of labor inside the home (which is ### because i sat outside the house for 6 days watching, he was there for 2 hours tops). And for truck rentals (which is ### because it was his very own truck being used). And a 109 bucks for transfer station fees.. which we already know could have only been one trip to the station with maybe the back of a truck full.. we spent 36 dollars to take 2 trucks and 2 truck trailers full to the transfer station. he had the NERVE to request i give him more m oney? Sorry hunny but your a shiester and a ### lawyer. DO NOT RENT OR BUY FROM JIM BUCKNELL OF BUCKNELL INVESTMENTS IN BESSEMER MICHIGAN AREA!!! He is a slumlord!!

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