Bucks 4×4 Complaint


Brought our wrangler in for an auxiliary brake for towing behind our motorhome. I should have backed out as soon as they had no clue what I wanted. I scheduled my jeep in for install. Pre-paid fir most of it, and then when I cam back for them to install a final piece on my motorhome, they stated that since they had never done one, it took them longer than expected and I had to pay for extra labor. What?? Since I couldn’t have the job completed without the extra $500 in labor, I went ahead and paid it. This was on saturday. When I brought my motorhome in on monday for a final hookup, the system didn’t work. Ended up spending the night on a nearby parking lot. Tuesday came… They couldn’t get it to work. Spent the night in a nearby hotel. Wednesday came and I was told they wouldn’t spend any more time on it even though it didn’t work. The tech finally called the manufacturer of the brake and they stated that it was not compatible with the oem harness bucks had charged me a total of $255 for. So they removed the harness and wired it up using a simple four wire system with a four pin connector. Guess what… It didn”t work! So I was told there was nothing else they could do. I called the brake manufacturer and they walked me through how to finish hooking up the system and making the adjustments to the brake so I would not encounter devastating results on the highway. It took the rest of the day on wednesday for me to finish the work. I tried to get bucks to reimburse me for the harness they charged me for but couldn’t use and for the added night in a hotel we had to pay for, but they kept ignoring my calls. I finally complained with the bbb and they flat denied everything and that the jeep was road worthy when they were done and the oem harness was installed properly. Not the case! Lies, all lies! I ended up spending more on the braking system that was never completed than I would have spent at camping world of all places! Thieves and liars. Every one of them. Look at the photo. Does that look like a mopar oem towing connector harness to you?

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