Buckshot Liquidations Review


The first and only time doing any business with Buckshot Liquidators, they sold us a pallet of “wholesale” merchandise for almost $400, the OWNER promising that no more than 20% of the pallet would be damaged or un-sellable. The ENTIRE pallet was damaged, non-working return items. They sold us a $300+ pallet of garbage. | When confronted with this, the owners shifted the blame to their “distributor”, conveniently forgot they had promised 80% of the pallet to be viable product and promised they would relay our complaint, never mind we were out $300+ for a pallet of broken merhcandise. “Customer service” is laughable, they won’t take any responsability for what they sell nor will they even TRY to make it right. Offered a weak apology for the “bad” pallet and yes, they apologized with “bad” in quotation marks. | Scam artists/rip-off artists. Do not waste your money.


Name: Buckshot Liquidations

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Ocala

Address: 2677 NW 10th street Suites 13-15

Phone: 1 352-232-9257

Website: buckshotliquidations.com/

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