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Bentley lol customer almost had TV in bedroom set paid off then someone broke into my storage shed I had to bury my dad I’m 12 513 so I called to get them to give me a serial number and just turn the furniture back in because I had to miss work and I couldn’t pay the payment well call to speak to leave as always he don’t want to talk to me so he put the jim on the phone so I going to explain I just bury my dad I need a serial number to finish my police report and make arrangements to pick up the furniturehe gets very rude I don’t have to deal with you damnit and refused to give me the serial number I make arrangements with me to pick up the bedroom setthe manager leaves you from the get go date of delivery my furniture set was gal just scratched and the board on inside didn’t even match they were one with pink one with blue so I file a complaint about it he said he gave me a big discount off of the grand total price okay so then when I went in there he never had the bedrooms the new bedroom set texting just like 5 times and then you know I went home everyday life this wasn’t my fault and then I realize all he hasn’t gave me nothing I asked me about it $100 No so I don’t have to just ignore I just pay it all the heck was thatI will never do business with buddies ever again and I have a lot of clientele and I will tell them not to go there I will refer them to somewhere else and I hope this is not the way Ashley Furniture since the product out

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