Budget/Avis eToll You will be charged for tolls even if you do not go through tolls itself New York Nationwide!!. Budget uses eToll services on their rental cars for crossing toll booths, and it will be charged into your car rental bill. The catch is you will be charged $3.95 per day of the rental even if you do not actually use the service and you paid for the toll booth in CASH, or if you’re up in the mountains and your car is just sitting there. Budget rental will not point this out to you when you sign the form agreements. When it happened to me and I called Budget to dispute it, the person and manager on the phone would not even dare to tell me their full name! It may be in the agreement forms but this is definitely sneaky business practice and it’s bad business practice. At least give people a heads up before they sign it! Obviously, it’s done to make a short-term profit for themselves. And the only argument they have is that it’s in the agreement. Society has taken fine print and the letter of the law to extremes, at their own peril! They just don’t seem to understand the basic law of success for all businesses: treat customers right. People are not dumb. Businesses do not have to be perfect, but customers know the difference between being treated right and being treated poorly. All businesses that break this time-tested rule have seen their businesses suffer or go out of business if they fail to mend their ways.

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