Budget Brakes Review


When I took my car to Budget Brakes on 4/11/09 to have front brakes replaced, I was told I needed rear brakes 2 NEW calipers for the front brakes as well (1 caliper was broken, and the other was leaking), and that the calipers would have to be ‘special ordered’. I paid them $260.00 cash for the calipers & told them I would be back to have the work done when I had the money to pay the balance of the work to be done ($284.00, which didn’t include the back brakes-another $108.00 for that!). After I thought about it, I decided to go to another establishment for a second opinion. They told me IF I needed new calipers, they could have the parts at the store within 10 minutes. The second business looked at my car and told me that there was NO leakage, but that a piece on the other caliper needed to be replaced, NOT the while caliper itself. This business told me I also needed to replace the rear cylinders on both back brakes, which Budget Brakes did not tell me this. I was shown the work that needed to be done, given a quote, and gave them the okay to do the work. Now I have to go back to Budget Brakes to see about giving me my $260.00 back that I gave them as a deposit on the 2 calipers. I hope they don’t try to tell me that they’ll have to recoup a restock fee on these parts, considering I didn’t need these parts to begin with!! I will post another report shortly after I try to reclaim my $260.00 deposit.

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