Budget PrePay, Inc. Review


I place my order with this company for a lifeline phone on april 8th. My call about 10 days later to get shipping information and i was advised that my order has not been processed yet and to give it at least another week. 2 weeks goes by and i call to check on my order it’s still not been processed i’m told by the representative that verification has been received without any errors they’re just waiting for the verification team to process it “please give us another week”. Three separate times i was told my verification had been received without issue and it was just waiting on their verification team however this week i contacted them and i was told that my verification had not been received. When is a supervisor why i was told on three previous calls that it was received without issue why was he suddenly telling me this and why i have not been notified he did not have an answer he promised to respond back to me with an update today friday may 13th as of 4 p.M. Mountain standard time i did not receive any contact. Today i called order still not processed no follow-up supervisor and giving me the name ronnie agent claims there’s no money there i verified his spelling when he gave it to me i even asked him for a agent number and he gave me 5016 as his id#. Ask for a supervisor again this time i was told my verification had been received the previous supervisor was wrong but it was still waiting for verification when i was told i was promised follow up on this they just said don’t have any more information for you at this point i told them to cancel my order they told me it could take 3 business days. In the meantime i have contacted the fcc to make certain that there has been no billings under my credentials for lifeline service with budget. I also referred the fcc lifeline fraud team two posts here on report and i will be contacting several news agencies to expose this company. They should at least be investigated based on what i’m seeing all over the internet. Stay away if you have other choices go with them i i was tempted by the smartphone offer it’s certainly not worth it here i am over a month later with no phone. Assurance might have a little tiny phone with no bells and whistles but they are dependable budget mobile is not. My ex has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer when i explained to the agent that i needed the phone for a road trip from idaho to virginia to get my son to his father for his kidney surgery and ask them to please expedite the order they wouldn’t even suggest that it was possible refuse to even try. The apathy from the filipino people working in the call center is disgusting to me that this corporation advocating treatment of its customers in this manner suggests they are in it for one thing only and that is a quick buck. Take your business elsewhere research them if you don’t believe me but you’ll find better service elsewhere.


Name: Budget PrePay, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Bossier

Address: 1325 Barksdale Blvd.

Phone: 888.777.4007

Website: www.budgetmobile.com/

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