BUDGET RENT A CAR OF MEMPHIS Stolen prescription sun glasses from Budget’s workers Internet!!. September 26, 2018 1 of 3 The Memphis Landsmen, L.L.C. d/b/a Budget Rent A Car of MemphisAttn: Ronald Steinberg, CEOc: Customer ServiceAtlanta, GA [email protected] c: Pam YarbroughVice President [email protected] c: Budget Rent A Car Customer [email protected] Case ID. No. 5176588Tiffany Roberts and Sabrina Austin,Now when I read your emails, I get angrier about my prescription sun glasses, not only because they were very expensive, but because the unprofessionalism, dishonest and constant lies trying to cover each other. Tiffany let me remind you that I spoke to you once, not twice, and you never mentioned to me that you talked to all the representatives that work for you, you told me that you were going to investigate around to see if somebody had seen my glasses and you will call me back. Did you call me back? No, never!! I explained to you from the very beginning that I spoke to Tiffani the same day I was traveling back from Memphis to Miami (the other Tiffani as you said). I spoke to Tiffany from the Memphis airport, and Tiffany ASSURED ME that she found my prescription sun glasses and they would be sent back to me [ I waited for her online for around 10 minutes, until she assured me that she got my prescription sun glasses ] and she would be sending them to my address, which never happened.From then on, every time I call asking for my prescription sun glasses, I notice how all of you people play around, leaving me at the phone, disconnecting my phone calls after 15-20 minutes of waiting online. The last time I spoke to you, you assured me that you were the General Manager of this company, and now occur the manager is Joe Ayema? 2 of 3 I spoke to Sabrina on 09.10.12 through Ms. Jacky from the headquarters of Budget Costumer Service, and you, Sabrina, told Jacky and me that you are going to find out what happened to my prescription sun glasses Did you ever call me back? No never!!!The only thing I can see is that all of you at The Memphis Landsmen/Budget Car Rental are unprofessional and liars, covering each other in order to not assume responsibility at all.If you people thing I am lying, I invite you to listen my phone conversation with Tiffany on 08.28.12 around 11am., or see your security surveillance recorded on that day, to see what employee of yours went to the car I rented. Now dont tell me that you do not have any of these options available, because you are a business where security and good customer service should be very important. If you people are playing around with me because I am a Latino? I am seeing here also a case of discrimination, on top of everything else.Let me tell you something else, I am working for a mayor Broadcasting Company, and I will let know to the whole country, what kind of company is Budget and how Budgets workers treat and steal from costumers, without any remorse. @mail 1 / copyfrom: Sabrina Austin <[email protected]>to: Tiffany Roberts <[email protected]> CC: [email protected] Sent: Tuesday, September 25 de, 2018 5:23 P.M.Subject: Prescription sunglassesTiffany-I just got off the phone with Mrs. Ariza, and she said that she is being given the run around concerning her sunglasses. I remember I was first asked by Jackie a few weeks ago if I mailed any sunglasses to a customer. I did not remember if I had or not, but I looked back through my calendar where I mark down belongings that I Fedex or COD, and I did not see anything. She states she was told the same day that her husband returned that the glasses were found and would be mailed back to her. Since then, I have spoken to her husband on 2 different occasions and informed him no one has ever brought me glasses to mail out. I gave him your name to doublecheck the lost and found and/or to ask around about the sunglasses.Could you please contact Ms. Ariza (Rosie) as soon as possible? She says she is not having any luck getting in contact with you. Her number is 786-370-2117. Her husband (Omar) is 786-370-1040. @mail 2 / copyfrom: Tiffany Roberts <[email protected]>to: Sabrina Austin <[email protected]> CC: [email protected] Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 10:05 A.M.Subject: Re: Prescription sunglassesSabrina,I have spoken to Mr. Ariza twice in reference these glasses and the outcome of our conversation has not changed. Of all the representatives that work for me, none of them told the customer they located the glasses, nor did they state the glasses were being sent to the customer. Several individuals have since searched for the glasses and I have made Mr. Ariza aware that they glasses are not here. I just reached out to Rosie Ariza @786-370-2117 and did not get an answer. I left her message to relay the same information that I have given to Mr. Ariza. And regretfully the glasses are just not here. All of You, Keep in mind, my sun glasses are not regular sun glasses, they are PRESCRIBED sun glasses, I need it because the sun in Miami, they are essential in my daily long driving to work. Thank you, Omar A Doral, FL. 33178 1.xxx.xxx.xxxx (((REDACTED))) CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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