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Budget Rental Trucks B The agent did not ensure that equipment was working properly, he did not walk the truck with me prior to departure after i paid. he took off in his truck. Chattanooga Tennessee/Georgia!!. Name: Christy Last Name: Fannin Email Address: [email protected] Primary Phone Number: (((REDACTED))) Alternate Phone Number: Address One: Address Two: City: Brunswick State: US-GA Does your situation involve a pending reservation?: No Is your pickup within the next 48 hours?: No Confirmation Number: Pickup Name: Phone Number Used To Make Reservation: 4046303615 Please describe the situation in detail.: Original Message Follows: ———————— From: Christy L Fannin To: “[email protected]” Subject: Christy Fannin Claim #xxxxxxxxxx Date: September 7, 2018 2:35:56 AM CDT I am sending the requested information after speaking with Liz on 9/5/2018 at the return location 116 Old Jesup Rd Brunswick Georgia 31520 (912)264-4582. Terry who is the owner of the Pawn shop where I returned the truck has verified with Budget the information I am attaching in reference to my dis-satisfaction with the Budget rental truck I rented. I feel like I should be compensated for my troubles in reference to the truck. First, the rental representative in Chattanooga Tennessee where I originally rented the truck left 10 minutes after handing me the key. I called customer service twice and did not get anyone from the store on the phone. I purchased insurance for $115.00 for this rental. (Limited damage waiver). After loading my vehicle, the straps were not in proper working order, The pins were all out of line and were tangled in the straps, which could have easily cut the straps. I purchased other materials to tie the vehicle. Please see Harbor Freight receipt. $33.33. Secondly, When I did get to my destination, I attempted to use the jack on the trailer, which did not work. It did not wind properly. The representative at the return location Terry also cut his hand on the jack. He has reported this on the same call from his store that I also reported to Liz the representative.Please refer to Wal-Mart receipt. $55.00 TORIN 061526882256 Dated 9/02/18. I also had to spend extra money on Gas because the original departure location marked the Fuel full, and it was only on 3/4 of a tank. I would like to be reimbursed for my rental, and also for the troubles I encountered having to jack up the trailer to load/unload my vehicle. This should have originally been inspected accurately by the departure location. No one walked the truck with me, I was just handed a key, and made a payment, and then the dealer left 10 minutes later. I went through alot of unnecessary stops and also wasted alot of time and worry not knowing if the straps would hold.My life and my animals life were in danger.I an dissatisfied with the truck I rented from budget, because it was unsafe. Please see attachments, and if you have any further question in reference to my response, please call Terry at the Brunswick location @ (912)264-4582, or refer to the original Ref # 0891040117250, Chattanooga Tennessee. 401 Northgate Mall (423)876-2615 Or Closing Ref # 2889000007024.Brunswick . Please respond with the intentions of how Budget rental intends to resolve my complaint. Respectfully, Christy Fannin [email protected], As I previously mentioned. I am not interested in your findings nor do I accept them. I would like to be contacted by your supervisor. I have also spoken to Roadside assistance, and I was told it is the responsibility of the rental agent to walk the with customer to ensure that the equipment is working. Tanner did do this with me, He simply handed me a contract , accepted a payment of $571.00 that also was a payment that carried insurance for any problems. I purchased a jack that would work I didnt purchase a jack that goes on the rental truck. This is Budget rental Truck responsibility, NOT MINE! I did not have proper straps, or proper jack for the tow trailer. The agent Tanner did not walk to ensure safety with me. he took off 10 minutes later after renting the truck. I waited and he never returned,I also called customer service. NO ANSWER!! . When I got to the drop off location , Terry the agent also verified with Liz @ Budget rental the improper functions and safety I had to travel with. Again, I need a supervisor to contact me . Christy Fannin (((REDACTED))) Hi You are not accurate, the medical claims department does have a complaint in reference to the jack and the straps on the truck. I would like a supervisor to contact in reference to this claim immediately! Budget is responsible because I had an insurance plan, I expect some compensation . Again, Please have a Supervisor contact me. Christy Fannin Associates of Science Criminal Justice (((REDACTED))) [email protected] What can we do to help resolve the situation?: Have a corporate member contact me, not a level2 CSR , I do accept the resolution Moving Truck: 16’movingtruck Re: [Subject]08910-4011-7250 (KMM17317827V80672L0KM) CHRISTY L FANNIN BUDGET RENTAL 9/1/2018 (No subject) CF Christy L Fannin 0 Reply all| Today, 5:29 PM BTR – Customer Service <[email protected]>; [email protected] … You forwarded this message on 9/12/2018 5:35 PM Stephen, This email acknowledges that I DO NOT ACCEPT THE CURRENT DECISION YOU HAVE SENT ON REFERENCE TO MY CLAIM. You have not answered my question in reference to the responsibility of the original agent. IS HE REQUIRED TO ENSURE THAT ALL EQUIPMENT IS WORKING IN MY PRESENCE? The budget agent DID NOT DO A WALKTHROUGH WITH ME PRESENT. Please refer to the dropoff location and all phone records that are evidence from the dropoff location, and the roadside assistance agent that I talked with whom indicated that it was the agents responsibility to do a walkthrough and ensure that all equipment was working and also safe! As a matter of fact, Im going to ask for my cell phone records so you can verify the calls! Since you are saying they were not made,ill prove it !Also it is your responsibility to compensate me for the trailer cost, the insurance cost, and the medicals from my injury. I am disgusted at the services I have been provided by you company. I did read the current investigations which are happening due to the same vehicle/truck problems I have encountered form Budget rental as well. From: BTR – Customer Service <[email protected]>Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 12:32 PMTo: Christy L FanninSubject: RE: [Subject]08910-4011-7250 (KMM17317827V80672L0KM) Dear Cristy Fannin, This response shall serve to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail complaint that has been escalated to our office, pertaining to your experience with Budget Truck Rental. We thank you for taking the time to contact Budget Truck. We appreciate customers who let us know when things are not right. I apologize for any issues you may have had with the towing equipment. Unfortunately, we have no record of a call in to 24 hour Emergency Roadside Assistance about any problems with the towing. Our records also indicate that the towing equipment was in operating condition when you received it. Concerning this particular issue, our senior management team has considered your request for further negotiation. All material has been reviewed associated with this issue and our management team is in agreement that no adjustment or compensation is due. We understand you may not agree with our findings. However, we do find your rental billing to be correct and no adjustments warranted for services received and billed. We consider your case file closed. No further action is to be taken. We appreciate your taking the time to make this report to us, you have helped in a continuing effort to provide you, and all Budget Truck customers, with the service you expect and deserve. Best Regards Stephen Level 2 Customer Service Agent 31480 Budget Truck Customer Service Team avisbudgetgroup 4500 South 129th East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74134 Tel: (800) 462-8343 (Option 1,5,2) Fax: (303) 824-3087 Email: [email protected] Web: budgettruck.com

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