Build a bandit Bob Mcelreath


Build a bandit/Bob Mcelreath Pontiac pro’s/ classic restoration/discount automotive/ Erica Kampert Discount automotive restoration BUILD A BANDIT AND ALL AKA’S / RIP OFF BANDITS!!! /DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Fairview / Greensboro, North Carolina!!. On 10/12/2017 we contacted Bob McElreath and discussed ordering a 79 Trans Am from at that time was Build A Bandit; a company we found on EBay After a very long conversation we placed an order. We were instructed to wire the money to telco Comm. Credit Union: further credit to Discount AutomotiveClassic Restoration : Erica Kampert. Account# 1020085. Unfortunately we did. This has been a nightmare every since. We were promised calls, photo’s, and regular emails and updates. We’ve received nothing but a whole lot of heartache and disappointment from a “real southern charmer” aka a massive rip off artist. There have been a number of individuals involved in this scam ie: Erica Kampert,( I believe this to be his wife), and his son “Zac the Builder” his son? On 1/11/2018 we emailed a very direct email requesting a full refund of $12,900 dollars. Letting Bob know if did not receive the refund we would file charges with local, state and federal authorities. And would also report to all complaints boards we could find. We received a phone call from Bob the next day saying he would agree to a refund ( although magically our car was completed by now). We received a confirmation email stating the terms of their refund process was 15 days. We even received info via phone call from”Michelle” and email with a routing #for our refund. We did receive a check for $2000.00 with the promise of the rest to come shortly. No contact since then tried calling all #’s we have yesterday. This as we have started receiving emails fast and furious. I believe this guy is transferring all his assets to his family before filing bankruptcy. Please let me know any contacts you have with anyone for help. Local state or federal.?

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