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Build Zoom They extort you for their percentage of the contract by constantly pushing you to throw a bid to a customer. This is unfair to the possible customer because you would need to throw a higher bid just toi be safe because they refuse to allow the process to go through engineering or architects for a proper bid. San Francisco California!!. As a contractor I felt great when I filled out my company information for Build Zoom and received a very high score, putting me in the top 4% of the contractors in my state. Having been in the building industry for 30 years and having built everything from soccer and hockey arenas to single family homes I felt the score was well earned on my part. I have alot to offer a client having done every facet of construction and having been in major magazines for my high end interiors. My affiliations are also top notch and took many years to cultivate like so many other good contractors. So as the bids started to roll in I answered almost each one within minutes. I received many emails acknowleding that fact from build zoom. You would think on response time alone my score would not only stay the same but get even higher since people just dont call people back these days. Never-the-less it did not, as a matter of fact it did not go up it started to fall. Here is Why……. When they send you a project if you dont give a bid or close a contract in two days they cant get their percentage of the over-all contract. Thats right! They not only charge you for bids they send, which is a monthly fee not a per lead fee. If that weren’t enough, on top of the monthly fee they get a chunk out of each project you close. Now here is the main flaw in their alogorithm…Most of the projects dont even answer your calls. That counts against you because they see that as a failure that you did not close the deal while at ther same time 10 other guys are bidding the same project most likely watching their score go down as well. As I received actual leads on projects, that actually answered, I was at their home for a first time meeting ASAP. Thats how you do it.. But here is another of their flaws.. Because they are so hunger to field a lead and catch your percentage you start getting emails immediately because their watching every move through their system. What they seem not to realize is I have to have an architect or an engineer set up a meeting, sometimes it takes two weeks to clear their calander, then go see them and measure the project properly. Nothing can be bid from a homeowner just waving their finger around and saying I need this and that done. It takes a real set of drawings gone over multiple times and polished up so everyone is one the same page and continuity is established. Because of this duediligence on “your” part your score will “drop” taking you out of the rotation of bidding due to the assumption that you just dont care or lack the common sense to close a deal.. When all along your just trying to secure the project for the right number so everyone can win.. They do not allow that to happen due to who knows… All I know is that you drop in your score because you dont do it their way…If they only realized how it was in North Carolina.

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