Bulldog Fabrications, Inc. Review


This man poses himself as a successful business owner online dating websites, to get single women who have good jobs to date him all while he is deceiving them. He will eventually play the “I lost my son in a deadly car accident” for you to feel sorry for him and to help him financially. He says he’s fallen on hard times… these hard times have been the past 8 years. | He’s fled from South Carolina to Florida to start over. He burns every bridge and every relationship eventually. He has a criminal record of fraud, grand theft and schemes to deceive. He targets single women with good jobs and children.. because they are caregivers. They normally are willing to help him with some constant chaos in his life. He charged over $12k on my personal credit card and was lent over $20k for his business which was non existent. | This man will put himself on Match.com, Tinder and Bumble with picture of him in suits with his kids as a front that he is looking for a relationship, all while he is married and separated. Beware of him and this faulty business operation. He is a narcissist and extremely convincing and appears to be kind and good hearted but is nothing close to a good person. Sad part is is he continues to get away with this and has already conned more women and businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beware!


Name: Bulldog Fabrications, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Lakeland

Address: 5103 Ashwood Dr

Phone: 813-767-9297


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