Bulq Complaint


Beware of Misleading Sugar coated 2% Guarantee policy and Lots of Over Inflated “Original Retail Values” It’s not an honest mistake when you claim a $1 item is $479, That is just one example. I contacted support only to find out their 2% accuracy policy is sugar coated. The reality of what their policy is – I bought a Brand New Pallet with a retail of $9800, paid $950. Upon opening the pallet I found that 6 bottles of liquid laundry soap had broken and leaked all over everything. I had roughly $6800 in damaged goods that I was unable to clean up and resale, when I made my claim they take the “per item” price and multiply it by however many damaged items you have regardless of the original retail of the damages. They offered me $68 and some change for my damages. That is 1% of original retail. In the end I paid $950 of about $3, 000 worth of product which at that ratio is difficult to turn a profit on. I was looking forward to getting to do business with this company because by all means it looks great but I can not take a chance of losing another pallet and then being insulted by a $68 refund. They are not in the business of retaining customers, they are only looking for a new sucker every day. *Also beware of inflated prices on the “original” retail value. I had bought a few boxes and several items were unmarked knock offs from China that had incredibly inflated retail prices. Another example was a box that had a clearly marked $1 item from target listed as $479 original retail just to mark up the value of the box, when i messaged the company regarding that large error they gave a lame excuse that they aren’t responsible for errors…that is a big error and ethically they should have held themselves accountable. There are other companies out there, keep looking and by all means PLEASE Google Bulq Pallet reviews and seek out the honest bad reviews before you waste your money.

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