Bureau of Defaulters Agency Pennsylvania


Complaint: I received an email on 9/5/2014 from a Steve Hawkins. I read the email, and it stated this email is a Warrant copy for a due amount of $498.88. And that I am going to be legally proscuted in the court house within a couple of days. My SSN is put on hold By the US Government, the warrant is apparently for 1.Vilolaton of federal banking regulations 2. Collateral check fraud 3. Theft by deception If they do not hear from me with 48 hrs they wil seek legal representtion fromour company attorney. And once I am found guilty I will have to pay totals up to $13,271.15 excluding loan amount, attorney fee& interest charges. When I asked for dates of this loan, and for them to send me loan documents trough regular mail, the gentlemen said the arrest warrant is going in effect and then he hung up on me. So, I know I do not have any type of loan through American Cash Advance. And I refuse to send anymoney over the phone. This is definatley a scam going through emails, on my email I received, theier was a total of 50 emails that were sent at the same time as mine.

Tags: Federal Government

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (325)500-4781

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