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Add a Comment I have read your compliance on horn blowing for your engineers. Would it be possible for your engineers to re-read them. There are only four crossings in town within 1/2 mile give or take and this morning at 5:45am 9/23/2019 the engineer deemed it necessary to lay on the horn from one end of town to the other! What”s the deal? As they go through the middle of town, especially when they know most people are sleeping, they excessively “lay on the horn” for extended periods of time! This occurs at all hours but they are really good at it between the hours of 12: am – 6am. It is NOT in the accordance to your standards of ” 2 short, 1 longer ” horn blow for sure! It is discourteous to those throughout the town. Please help us as this is getting rather OLD! Thank you,

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