Complaint: I purchased a car from burrell-coffey on May 11, 2004. Jerry Jr. explained to me that the car I was interested in was being sold for twice the price because of the low engine mileage, because I explained to him that the 87 Caprice Classic was listed at 1500.00 to 2000.00. He showed me the title with the original mileage being 82,000 miles. 9 days later the engine went out. I asked him for a loaner car to get to work because I could not miss any more time off work. He denied that request and I asked could he take 1500.00 of the 2000.00 I put down on the car and put me in something else, because as I explained to him I purchased the car because I needed reliable transportation. Once again he denied my request. After contacting news channel 46 he purchased a used motor and put in the car. Now I ask if he is going to lower the price on the car because he doesn’t know how many miles are on the engine. I don’t feel like I should pay 4000.00 for a car that is only worth 2000.00. During the time I had no car I also lost my job. I asked Jerry Jr. if he could defer the balance of the down payment (350.00) making my down payment 2300.00 until the last car note and let me just make my monthly payment of 288.00, he said no and that he would not accept ant money if he didn’t get the 350.00 first. Now he has put a repo out for the car.It is not that I don’t want to pay for the car, I just feel that he should at least work with me considering the price he sold the car for was based on the engine and the engine is no longer in the car,also the engine that he did put in the car is smoking and rattling but he says that is not he problem. Kenzil POWDER SPRINGS, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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