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Business Solutions of Hillsborough LLC, Business Solutions of Hillsborough LLC also known as Simon Ottwell He stole over $2500 dollars from me on fake property transaction and then resold property to someone else Brandon Florida!!. It seems that this guy is a scam artist and sells properties that are not his and receives cash transactions for them and then turns around and resells. Its seems this guy has been doing this for years and does not get caught. He sells the same property over and over again for really cheap money. Him and his real estate wife Karen. When I met Simon he mentioned his wife but did not state that she was a real estate broker. I fly from out of town to meet him after I contacted him by phone. He sold over $2500 from me on two land property transactions. I gave him over $1500 when I met him after seening the property which he told me I was getting a deal on it since it was worthe over $20,000. Less than a year later he tells me he sold the properties to someone else after he received over $2500 from me and after I paid for one of the properties and he told me he would not give me the title of the land. It seems Simon Ottwell is a scam and con artist that steels money from helpless women to fund his illegal business dealings. You notice that he does not pick up the phone when someone calls him because he is a lying, scamming and money grabbing con artist.

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