Stealing Money From My Debit Account – Permission was NEVER given!!!


My Complaint: Initially called to inquire about order confirmation of more product being sent (?) I did order the 4.95 trial from a Facebook advertisement but did not recall this vender. They explained that the 49.95 AND 89.92 reflected with my bank was because I had not followed their terms and conditions as outlined in my initial order. They then went on to state they do not advertise on Facebook but could not explain why they did not have a copy of my original order to prove they were the original company! We don’t keep that information they repeated over and over – oh- but they knew all my acct number information….hmmm. Got nothing as far as satisfaction regarding the 49.95 but an offer for a credit! I explained that was not good enough that I felt something was going on. ANYWAY called my bank they have put a stop to them accessing my account, credited my account the $139.87 stolen from them and opened a fraud case. Glad to see I am not alone!


My Demand: My bank has opened a fraud investigation for entire amount!

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