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Transmission went out on 2019 Spark in the snowstorm 11/11/19. Told transmission under warranty, no charge. Spark been waiting since then. Am told because of the GM strike earlier this year, part is waiting in Chicago to be delivered. Need my car. Told they have no courtesy car I can drive until Spark fixed. | Want to drive my car or, at no charge, a courtesy car to drive until mine is fixed. | Earlier this year, Byers started harrassing me with letters, phone calls and email wanting me to trade in my car. I finally got them to stop but it took several contacts to do so. I am not ready to sell this car and start payments. I originally paid cash but I do not have cash now. | Are they playing a game with me? Is this some sort of revenge for not trading my Spark when they harrassed me? | The dealer is close by and I have kept up service regularly. Service Dept. is polite and nice to me. Timely in their repairs until now. I do not want to start using another dealer who is not so close to my home but will do so it all this nonsense keeps up.

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