Byrds appliances afairsville Georgia Review


I recently bought a washer and dryer from here. The washer works great but after the first two loads in the dryer it starts making a high pitch screaching noise. At first it was just annoying but then it gets so loud and piercing it made my ears pulsate when I ran to turn it off. When they were told they were willing to get out here the next day by noon but when we called it turned into sometime today. We told them we would rather have them come get it since their attitude was less than great. They keep telling us its unbalanced but when we Google the problem it it says its the roller drum which needs to be replaced. They are refusing to come get it and arguing with us. We have a 30 day warranty which is also written on the back of a business card. We were never told we couldnt return it!!!!!!!!

905 Oothcalooga St Calhoun, Georgia United States of America

(706) 625-0994


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