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We were interested in a truck but were looking at another one. We negotiated a purchase price and things that needed to be addressed with the truck (air conditioning wasnt working and the tires were shot). He said he’d hold the truck for us with a deposit. | We asked if it were refundable if we happened to change our mind and both the owner and Rick said it was. This was at 4:00 on Saturday. We called back at 9:30am on Monday and told them that we changed our mind. They said they never agreed to it being refundable and hung up the phone. | We went with another vehicle becuase this dealership felt “slimmy.” We were right, but learned a hard lesson. Best we can do is warn other shoppers. Not sure we have any legal standing and it is a lot of money to hire a lawyer over $200. They are crooks! | Do not buy from them! The owner also owns part of the Kia dealership down the road. Stay away!! We did not get the words “refundable” on our receipt because we had two small children running around and we were in a rush to see the other vehicle. | They have no problem screwing a young family. Beware. We actually were warned by a stranger while test driving the vehicle. He said that Rick scammed him too.

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