C & E Builders, LLC Review


First, I was looking for a halfway house and unsatisfied, I began looking for another job. I responded to an ad for Office Manager / Field Supervisor. I was immediately brought in for an interview, but upon showing up, had found the true interest in bringing me in was for a Sales Rep position in Rockford, IL. I wound up deciding that would be ok, since I had prior sales experience and it seemed legit when I researched it. However, when I was brought on, success stories were replaced by complaint about the pay by my Supervisor who quit 2 weeks later. When he did, all the business I had done up was not being followed through with by Seth, the manager of the Janesville branch. On one claim I facilitated, I had reminded him 8 times to send out an inspector to an Adjustor appointment to serve as a devils advocate for a homeowner with recent storm damage to rental property. No one ever showed up. The next claim I facilitated – same thing. After 2 weeks, I finally was able to get an answer as to where to go now. I forwarded the news onto my claimant, a very polite, appreciative and Christian black woman. We followed through with the advice given, and when still she had not been taken care of, my claimant had grown impatient called the Janesville office to see if there was something I wasn’t communicating. There wasn’t but she talked to Seth, who then yelled at her and made me lose the sale. He then told me later that she was a typical black person ripping off the system. I couldn’t believe what I had heard, so when I heard that his supervisor, Eric Connor, had a home office closer to my home, I decided to go there instead to hand in my material. Come to find out, aside from being very hospitable, I found him to be very arrogant and a classic young rich kid. He invited me out to breakfast one morning and cussed out our waitress because the lip of the coffee pot touched his glass and he believed he was being cross contaminated. I ignored it because things got done when I brought them to his attention, but then he all but started harassing me about my claims total. It was only low because of the mismanagement from Janesville. We got into it a week before I quit because he wasn’t going to honor my pay request, which had been promised to me in my interviews, due to the lack of claims being brought in by me. So.. Good luck paying for your $1,070 a month Truck you rent from Enterprise, the $400 a month you spend in gas and your living expenses. Then he went on to tell me to leave my truck running in Gangsta Rockford because it would shorten down the time between the house I was at and the next house, which means more money for me! *cheesy smile and thumbs up* He then said he thought it was stupid of me and lazy to park my truck in the parking garage around the corner from the office in Janesville when I HAD to go there one morning. He said I lost money by putting it in the parking garage, and that he didn’t care if I had to walk a mile, the office was open to 5 – I could just walk because that too would make me more money. The maturity level and level of professionalism expected is very low in this company. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DOLLARS! To these people. I urge you to go somewhere else. The Better Business Bureau must hand out that A+ rating to just anyone these days, because as a consumer first and sales person second, the teenager at McDonalds had more professionalism than these clowns at C & E. I can get past how they treated me, but the lady I was helping, the racist attitude projected towards her when she did nothing wrong – uncalled for and reprehensible conduct. .

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