C1 Truck Driver Training, LLC. Review


We sat in the yard or in a truck with 5 other students for 8 hours per day to merely get an hour of training. The trucks are not taken care of yet they blame the students for the condition. No tread on tires, dry rotted gas lines, fluids leaking. Seats don’t adjust, Windows don’t work. During testing at test site DOT was called because of faulty equipment Gas leaking all over and students had to return the following day in a truck that passed requirements . My first yard instructor just ignored students in truck when he should of been giving instructions. This school sets you up for failure before you begin. I wanted to quit on several occasions because of incompetent instruction, and the last thing you want to do is complain, and get on the sh** list. It’s hard to believe Pam transport is sending their new hires to a school that really only cares about the bottom line, and not the success of the student’s. We had 16 in our classroom our first week, the second week you move to the yard only to find there is no where to sit because this supposedly 3 week program can last as long as 8 weeks for some. I asked Matt Carroll president of this organization to retest in a better truck and was denied. Even the examiner’s at the testing sites were aware of the sh**** trucks we were sent to test in. However if the manager of C1 is delivering free lunch to staff at testing site I guess examiner’s can overlook condition of the trucks! Not happy with this truck driving school at all.


Name: C1 Truck Driver Training, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Missouri

City: Springfield


Phone: 1-866-822-9805

Website: www.c1training.com/

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