cadillac Jeff service manager they charge me 1200 dollars and did’nt fix my car pineville, North Carolina!!. To whom it may concern: I have a 2000cadillac cater a a couple of weeks ago my engine and coolant light came on.I call Cadillac and set an appoiment, the following day I drop the car of around 11am and explain all the issues. I left my car thinking it was in good hands, I receive a call around 2pm stating they had found some hoses missing number 6 cylinder valve was missing firing and also said they thought one of my oxygen sensor was bad but it ended up being ok that’s why my car is shaking and check engine light was on, they said after everything they had mention was fixed my car will stop shaking and the check engine light will be gone. The cost to fix would be$615 I said OK.Around 3 pm I receive another call saying they had found a leak around my coolant valve and that’s why my collant light was on. To fix the light and leak would be about$542 I said OK. The following day I receive another call saying it was not the hose or valve that have my coolant ligth on. Now they are saying its the reservoir sensor that is bad!! It’s going to be $400.more to fix that after they had charge me $542 dollars just before that saying it was a hose and valve!!! And that’s here I drew the line and said no!! Because it look from what I thought cadillac was a professional bussines was just guessing on my car.Very unsatisfied went and picked up my car payed 1,167.10 for the shaking,engine light,coolant leak and coolant light. That they did not fixed unless I give them $400 dollars!! When they told me the previous542 dollars will take care of it!! Never ending story to me. Drive off the Cadillac parking lot 5 min later my car star shaking and check engine comes on again!!!! Immediately I call Cadillac and explain the issues and they suggest I take the car on monday and this was a Saturday. Not knowing if my car was in driving condition I was force to drive it home!!! On Monday had to take of work and once again find another ride home took the car back and the guy I spoke to was very insulting and rude kind of raccist!!!! After all talking and explanitions my car was left again!!.At 4:30 I got a call saying now that my third cylinder valve was bad now and my oxygen sensor was bad after they said it was ok that’s why my car is shaking and light was on after they said all of that was fixed now something else is wrong and that it will be another $400 to fix!!! Now as I said if I drive the car for weeks or days that something can happen but not 5 min after I leaving cadillac!!! And who knows what else they will come up with next!!! I think they just discconect the battery off and coneccted back again when they call me that the car was ready or maybe they just sit the car back of the service station and give it to me when I paid the ammount, now they still have the car and I don’t know when they are gone to give it back to me I honestly think that I paid to much and I wouldn’t be a problem if the car was fixed but isn’t on my case I’m a loyal customer to Cadillac and I’m very very very unsatisfied with the way they are treating me and obviously the service and yes I try to talk to the service manager before and he said that the things are going to be the way he wants and I can do wherever I want and every time I ask them to fix for what I paid I have to pay over and over again and now I don’t know when they are giving me my car back

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