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I have lived here for almost 24 years, it will be in March, 2019. During these last 24 years, I have been cheated, I have had food and personal items including watches and other jewelry stolen from my apartment. On November 1, 2017 I was brutally assaulted by one of my neighbors who was a “friend” of the manager Sylvia Garcia, and suffered a severe concussion, damage to my hips, right arm and shoulder, a bruised and injured sciatica, a pinched nerve in my left hip, and a brutal stomp to my left shin bone by a known alcoholic, drug addict, and alleged drug dealer. | I spent time in the hospital and a rehab facility where I had to learn how to walk again from the damages to my body. The suspect left the apartments without getting arrested but has kept in touch with the Manager. Since March of 2018, I have been harassed by my next door neighbor, and bullied and harassed by my downstairs neighbor and the manager has done nothing to these people and they continue to bully and harass me today. | I finally sent certified letters to Cal-American and the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside regarding the constant marijuana smoking and the bullying and harassment on December 3, 2018, the 30 days for them to reply in writing was January 3, 2019 and to date I have not received any letters from those 2 companies. | The manager Sylvia Garcia came illegally into my apartment and stole my printed copies of those signed letters, in an attempt to force me to drop my complaint, however, unbeknown to Sylvia Garcia, I had scanned copies of those signed letters and have family members and personal friends holding copies of those scanned and signed letters. | Tonight at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, I faxed Cal-American about the corrupted manager and demanded compensation, and let them know of the theft. I am positive that Sylvia Garcia was acting on behalf of her company when the letter copies were stolen from my apartment. Even though I have reported corrupted behavior over the past 24 years to Cal-American, they have never even attempted to “make right” any of the thefts, and/or damages to my person in the past and they are a shady and corrupted corporation making millions and millions of dollars robbing disabled people and seniors like myself. | I want to have them exposed once and for all for the dirty, shameful and disgusting practices that they have shown these tenants in a 72 apartment complex. They continually raise the rent until there is no way that anyone, including myself, can try to save up money to move out. I strongly believe that the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside works hand in hand for these corrupted management companies, as the Housing Authority allows the management companies to “hike up” the rent every other year and today I am at the point that this last $50.00 monthly rental increase and all future increases will be fully paid by me because the Housing Authority will never increase their portion to help disabled, poverty-stricken people and seniors have a place to live in this hell-hole of an apartment complex. | I am going to try to make these 2 companies and Sylvia Garcia answer for their corrupted dealings and inhumane treatment with every tenant in this 72 apartment complex. Please, tell everyone you know that these two corrupted companies, Cal-American and The Housing Authority of the County of Riverside are corrupted and their employees are corrupted too. Please let everyone know about these corrupted dealings so nobody ever will trust them again. | I am seeing an attorney for this problem, but if any attorneys that are experienced in Federal Law and Housing and Corporate law read this and are interested, please respond to this report and/or contact me.

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