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CaliAuto Brokers Evan Singer Car was falsely advertised. It was not mechanically A+++ as advertised and certainly not turn key Rialto California!!. Here’s a small clip word for word, exactely as stated in their advertising on EBay. “The engine starts right up and sounds as healthy as you would imagine. No leaks, smoke, overheating or strange noises. The car has been completely gone through mechanically and is 100% reliable and turn key. The acceleration is powerful and the car runs extremely well. The clutch is perfect and shifting through all the gears is a breeze. The odometer is showing 66,002 miles which we believe to be actual. All mechanical,electrical and climate control systems are in top notch condition. The brakes, steering and suspension are A+++.” When I took delivery of the car, I could barely get it home. It was stalling, misfiring and stumbling bad. The air filter was plugged solid so the car was choking. Carbs were extremly dirty inside and one choke plate wouldn’t stay open. This was the 1st few signs that it wasn’t in “Top Notch condition”. After running some carb cleaner and fuel system cleaner through it, I was able to get the car running decent enough to drive. Three hours away in Toronto, there’s one of the best Datsun repair shops in the country. I drove the car there for a full inspection and road safety. On the drive there, I experienced severe vibrations at highway speeds, very scary experience. The inspection revealed why. A loose rear passenger control arm due to a worn bushing. On the inspection, note the oil leaks, the suspension parts that require replacement and one thing specifically was interesting. A reverse switch that’s mounted under the car at the transmission. This switch was brand new, installed before I took delivery. When the shop in Toronto looked at it, the wires were disconnected. Why? Because after replacing the old switch, the backup lights were still on so the wires were disconneted and issue swept under the carpet. The problem exists inside the transmission. Nice job guys…and I would never figure this out ? I have tried to contact the business numerous tiimes and no response. Emails, phone messages and texts…no response. All I wanted was the car as advertised yet I did expect to spend a few hundred anywys…not a few thousand. So I asked for some compensation for the costs I will encur. No response so I’m left with going public. Here’s the inspection report and you compare this to the statement in the advertising. Pretty sad that you can’t trust a classic car dealership. ” Here’s what the safety inspection revealed: Windshield washers not working – likely a pump, easy fix. no reverse lamps: new switch that’s disconnected at the transmission, may have some weirdness inside the transmission that keeps the reverse lights on all the time, Play in both outer tie rods: pretty straightforward here + alignment Rear brake flex hoses cracked – need to be changed Significant play/looseness in right rear outer control arm bushing: only seen this one other time before, requires the spindle pin to be removed and bushings changed. This one of the most hateful jobs to do on an early Z car. Sorry for the bad news. Other observations: trans output seal leaking, rear main seal on engine leaking slowly Fuel filter at tank dirty – there’s also another filter inside the electric pump at the back that gets overlooked and should be changed too exhaust leaks at air injection tubes where it screws into manifold general tune up to get engine running rear carb choke plate open – looks like the actuator may be faulty – i might be able to find one another set of carbs i have here hard to start when cold – they all do this car runs on after shutting it off- may improve with idle improvements doing tune up or timing adjustment runs better at higher speeds with some choke – needs mixture adjustment

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